Car Windows Tinting in Dural: Spotlight on a Volkswagen Amarok

Car Windows Tinting in Dural: Spotlight on a Volkswagen Amarok

If you’re seeking premium car window tinting in Dural, look no further! Our recent project involved a Volkswagen Amarok, where we transformed its aesthetics and functionality with high-quality tinting. Let’s delve into the details of this meticulous job and the superior materials we used.

Project Overview

For this assignment, our client selected the highly reputable Rayno Phantom VLT20 material for their Volkswagen Amarok. This choice ensures not only enhanced privacy but also superior UV protection and heat reduction, making every drive in Dural and its surrounding areas like Castle Hill and Galston more comfortable.

Before and After: The Transformation

The difference before and after the tinting is striking. Initially, the Amarok’s windows were clear, exposing the interior to the harsh Australian sun and prying eyes. After applying the Rayno Phantom VLT20 tint, the vehicle now sports a sleek, sophisticated look while benefiting from the tint’s protective features.



Dural Volkswagen Car Windows Tinting



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Our team in Dural specializes in high-quality car window tinting services. By using only the best materials like Rayno Phantom, we guarantee satisfaction and durability. Whether you’re in Dural, Castle Hill, or Galston, we’re ready to provide your vehicle with the best tinting service in the area.

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