Safety Window Film

Safety Window Film

Safety window film is built to protect people from injury should glass be broken and as a deterrent to unwanted intrusion.

Glass windows and doors break for many reasons but with safety window film you can be certain that the glass will not shatter, with potentially severe consequences. It is not just the issue of glass striking people; often it is difficult to be sure every fragment of glass has been cleaned up.

For example, around the home, when footballs or cricket balls smash windows, the severe impact will cause shards of glass to scatter inside your home. Whilst the larger pieces are easily found, minor fragments can be hard to find especially if you have carpet. Safety film holds the window together keeping the shards where they belong, which is not in your foot.

Powerful storms have already struck up and down Australia this year, often followed by flooding. Storms can and do break windows, sending shards flying; if a building floods and the shards are hidden, serious injury can be caused from being stepped upon.

  • Flying shards and glass on the floor is responsible for the second highest amount of injuries during an earthquake
  • During hurricanes and tropical storms flying shards and debris are the leading cause of severe injury – view this video to appreciate how Safety Film can protect your home and family:  Solar Gard Australia YouTube