Privacy Window Film

People peering into your house as they walk past, thieves looking for potential targets, or neighbours trying to snoop into your personal affairs are all problems when windows look onto public areas. Curtains or blinds can offer much needed privacy but remove most natural light and who wants to sit in the dark?

So what do you do about it? Prestige Tinting offers a wide range of films, which provide privacy while not obscuring your view.

Due to the difference in brightness between your house and the outside our reflective range reflects just enough light to prevent your rooms being seen, yet keeps your room bright and naturally lit.

The higher quality films are capable of reflecting only one side so on overcast days or at night you are not stuck with a reflective interior.

You have a choice of reflective films that can also benefit you by:

  • Securing your windows against accidents and intrusion
  • Blocking UV rays, protecting your skin and furniture
  • Lowering the amount of incoming light thus reducing glare
  • Lowering total solar energy (heat) entering your house, saving money on air-conditioning